Getting started guide

A quick guide on how to get set up and start taking orders.

Step 1: Sign up

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On the home page, click the Sign up for a free account button

In the popup, enter the necessary contact details and click Create account

Step 2: Add company info

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You are now inside! The next step is to create your company account. Click anywhere in the dotted area of the page to get started.

Enter your company info in the popup and click Add company

Step 3: Service zones

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We'll now define exactly where your delivery service is available and your prices.

We use Service Zones to achieve this. These are specific zones that you create that contain the pricing and weight options for customers to choose from.

Service zone rules:

  • Customers can only make bookings if both locations fall inside one particular Service Zone.
  • If a booking has both locations falling within more than one service zone, the pricing options will default to the smaller zone.

Click on the dotted Add service zone button to open the popup.

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Enter the name of the Service Zone

For example "Inner Suburbs"

Add pricing tiers.

These will form the urgency options that customers can choose from when ordering. Enter a base job rate, a price per kg per kilometre and a label that indicates the time-frame or urgency of the delivery.

Add weight tiers.

These will form the weight options that customers can choose from when ordering. Enter a label and a number representing the weight.

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Enter the service zone on the map

Drag the map around and click the Add point button to define the service zone's area.

Step 4: Payment instructions

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Now we need to tell customers how to pay you. Click the Edit payment instructions button in the dropdown on the company page.

Enter your bank account details (or another preferred payment method). Your customers will automatically receive an email invoice when they make a booking.

We also enable setting up payments via Stripe so that your customers can pay instantly while booking. To activate this, click on the Accept online payments button in the dropdown.

Step 5: Accept orders

You are now ready to accept orders 🎉🎉

Click on the Go to public booking page button. This will take you to your company's live bookings portal.

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This is your booking page. Copy and share the URL of this web page with customers to let them create bookings.

Repeat customers also have the ability to create client accounts. This lets them see their past orders and autofill their details faster when making a booking.

Additional steps

You can add to your own and customers' experience by adding your company logo and personal profile pictures.

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